Shooting in The Bay - Land Rovers & River Crossings

The team recently took a trip down to The Bay to start shooting one of our more highly anticipated projects.

We were treated to a few stunning days and some pretty incredible locations. The type that make that pre-production reccie all the more worthwhile. From river crossings to mountain peaks, we managed to cover a hell of a lot of ground in the 3 days. 

We were up crack of dawn for sunrise at the gannet reserve on Cape Kidnappers, and finished up with sunset on the top of Te Mata Peak. Trips like this really make you appreciate the incredible scenery we have on our own doorstep. 

We definitely pushed our hero vehicle and a few others to their limits. A bit of teamwork however, saw us conquer some dicey river crossings and eventually get all the shots we needed.

We're not able to spill the beans on who this piece of content is for or where it will feature, but it's definitely one of our favourite recent projects and is looking crisp as hell. Keep your eyes and ears out over the next few weeks for Part 2 of this shoot, and the final product in the coming months. 

Team Brewery.